Uncensored Net Noise June 18, 2010 With Guest Wayne Static from Static X

Uncensored Net Noise June 18, 2010 With Guest Wayne Static from Static X

Rumor has it Static X is no longer and they broke up? Uncensored Net Noise talks to Wayne Static  to find out how true this rumor is  and we also talked about his new solo project.

Static-X is an industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA. Formed in 1994, they are signed to Warner Bros. Records and have released seven albums, their most recent being “Cult of Static” (March 17, 2009) which debuted at #16 on the Billboard chart, and a live dvd, “Cannibal Killers Live” (2008).  Also, our second record, “Machine,” was certified Gold.

They recorded a DVD entitled Where the Hell Are We and What Day Is It… This Is Static-X, but it was never released due to a threatened lawsuit by Sharon Osbourne over tracks recorded at Ozzfest.

Wayne Static is currently recording his first solo record entitled “Pighammer.”

Uncensored Net Noise Synopsis 6-18-2010

-Allen in as co host

-Woman died after being given smokers lungs

-Original artist offers help with new Jesus statue

-Suspecting infidelity, woman castrates husband

-Man cut through banks wall to get at ATM

-Rothman furniture warehouse worker killed in O’Fallon, MO

-U.N.N. Birthday Bash September 24th at Phantasy, $5 at door, lets sell it out

-New bill would give Pres. Obama full authority to shut down internet

-Solar flares in 2012

-New show on MSC July 7th, 7 to 9pm, Joust It Out, political show

-Conspiracy theories with caller

-2010 Media queen recap

-Queensland giving fines for swearing in public

-Sexting laws

-Miami lawyer sets off metal detector with bra, then denied access for not wearing a bra

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  1. […] kaput for a little while now. So when frontman Wayne Static was interviewed this past weekend on Uncensored Net Noise, he was gracious enough to fill the world in on the band’s status. As it turns out, there is some […]

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