Uncensored Net Noise Dec 16, 2011 With Guest Red Peters

In Picture: Red Peters

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Red Peter was on the show we talk to him about his show on Sirius and what he has planned for 2012.

Horror As Walmart Stays Open After Husband ‘Stabs Wife In Front Of Shoppers In The Middle Of The Store’

Shoppers please ignore the dead body on aisle 1

Fight Over Facebook Leads To Arrest

You don’t like my status ok…well I hope you like a knife in your chest

Mom Breaks Into Nearly 30 Homes After Dropping Kids Off At School

“ Ok kids have a great day at school, mommy has to knock off some houses now see you later..

Police: Man Called In Threats To Avoid Urine Test

Man I’m gonna fail this piss test. I know…I’ll call 911 and make a bomb threat.

Marilyn Manson CD Thief Cuts Off Long view Security Guard’s Ear With Hatchet

Anyone who thinks that “loss prevention specialists” (a.k.a. security guards) at grocery stores have easy jobs should talk to David Morrison, the head of security at Fred Meyer in Longview. But just wait to talk to him until he’s out of emergency surgery.

Homeless Man’s Yearn For A Pedicure Lands Him In Jail

He didn’t look for food. Booze wasn’t on his mind. No time to shop for clothing.

Troutman, 27, headed to Nancy’s Nails and asked for a pedicure.

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