Uncensored Net Noise Jan 6, 2012 With Guest Jamey Kirby from Cocaine Energy Drink

Uncensored Net Noise Jan 6, 2012 With Guest Jamey Kirby from Cocaine Energy Drink

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New changes for 2012 a brand new setup and holiday talk-9:05

LeBron James’ $3,000 birthday cake; baker gets angry-9:18
Chris thinks Lebron is right, the cake is really bad, but Lebron should at least pay for her time since he did ask her to work over the holiday.

Police blotter: Mason man reports subliminal messages in porn -9:22
Why would al Qaeda even bother with using PORN they live in caves for the love of god!

Illinois Lottery Winners Get Stiffed When State Checks Don’t Cash -9:25
Chris and Joe Dirt ask the question how can a LOTTERY CHECK bounce

Homeless man decapitated in fight is identified-9:28
Why do people get so upset over little things?

Guest call in: Jamey Kirby-9:38
Jamey Kirby, founder of Redux Beverages Cocaine Engery Drink talks Cocaine Energy Drink and the  controversy over the product in the past, and coming up with new ideas for the product, marketing.

Man dies after setting himself on fire-10:19
19 year-old lights himself on fire after fight over cereal with sister….

Chris rants about reality TV-10:25
Why do they give shows to asshole people? Wait I have one…

Lady Gaga filled hotel bathtub with blood, hotel staff say-10:36
Why do people listen or even like this woman? For the love of god she wears a meat coat and a bird cage on her head..

Man used thumbs to gouge 62-year old uncle’s eyes out in a fight over TV remote-10:41
It’s a remote people get off your ass and change the channel

Joe Dirt’s Corner-10:58
Joe calls a ex girl friend to say hi..

Poppy Burge gets liposuction voucher from “Human Barbie”-11:00
Mommy for my 7th birthday I want a boob job, my butt lifted and my fat sucked

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