Uncensored Net Noise Jan 27, 2012 Podcast With Guest Tim King From Soil

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Tim King from Soil calls in to the show to talk about there new DVD and Ryan McComb’s return to Soil

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Caller calls in and talks about Joe Paterno -9:15

Woman arrested after allegedly calling 911 six times-9:21
911 Operator: 911 how can I help you ?
Woman:It’s none of your business

Teen calls Cops When She Hears Mom Having Sex-9:23
Please put me in a christian shelter

Tim King of the band SOiL talks to us about SOiL’s new projects, touring, and band mate Ryan’s return-9:39

Demi drank gallons of Red Bull before collapse: report-10:08
Demi is pulling a Tupac

Sharon Reed and Lynna Lai leaving Channel 19-10:15
Worst decision ever!

Confirmed: Flesh-light Developing an iPad Case You Can Have Sex With-10:19
Joe Dirt’s new girlfriend

15 years on nothing but chicken nuggets-10:21
No greens, no fruit, only chicken nuggets since the age of 2

Police: $6 sex act leads to prostitution charge-10:36
Woman performs sex act for just six bucks ( a 2 dollar bill, 3 ones, and some change)

Woman Claims Neighbor’s Energy Efficient Windows Are Melting Her Toyota Prius-10:39
A Melting Prius…..Chris is very happy “BUY AMERICAN”

Christopher Hanney found guilty of setting wife Audrey Mabrey on fire, beating her with hammer -10:56
A couple going through a divorce gets into a altercation

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