Uncensored Net Noise April 6, 2012 Podcast With Guest Countdown Chaos

In picture: Countdown Chaos and Joe Dirt from Uncensored Net Noise

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14 – Patron Busted After Calling 911 Complaints About Nasty” Hamburger She Purchased from Hardee’s.
Chris – why would u call 911 because your burger tasted bad.

9:30- Introducing the band Countdown Chaos
One member of the band pulls up on a motorcycle with a gps on his arm
Chris – How did you guys get started ?
Band answer – umm ya Craglist, Chris freaks out..

10:38 – Covert camera demand to catch lift poo culprit.
Joe Dirt- How could you poop in a elevator?
Chris- The person who pooped in the elevator should be fined.

10:44 -Was 12,000 A restaurant Tip or Drug Money?
Chris- Why would you keep the ladies money if it was left at her table?

10:49 -Ex Girlfriend Busted for Brutal Scrotum Attack.
Chris- I would leave her in jail to rot, and not give her bail..

10:52-Charles Manson Photos Released Week Before Parole Hearing.
Joe Dirt – What would happen if they did release him?

10:57 Scary Guy with Facial tattoo paid 6,500 a day to teach kids to stop bullying.
Chris- I’m not letting my kid watch this train wreck..

11:00 Shrewsbury Man Accused of Killing wife, Cannibalism.
Chris – what kind of man would eat his wife?

11:05 Pinterest is Now the NO.3 Social Networking site in the U.S. What is that?
Chris-  What is it?
Joe Dirt – It’s hard to keep up with all these sites..
Chris – What happen to MySpace? It’s not on the list…
Chris- told the intern she has to make a Twitter, Pinterest , and a Tag for the show..

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