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June 13, 2012

I was sitting here thinking of the good ‘ole days when you went to a concert in Cleveland to see your favorite local artist or band. I would get my ticket for the show and wait the whole week until it was Friday or Saturday, depending on when the show was taking place, but that really didn’t matter because I was so jacked to see my local band perform. The day of the show would come and you would race home from work and jump in the shower to get ready and head out for a night of fun with your friends and see your favorite local band play, you would get to the club early so you can check out the merch tables and the other acts going on that night. I mean, for five bucks, how could you go wrong, right? The show would start and you would get a nice spot to post up to watch the show. I really didn’t like to get to close to the front of the stage because the mosh pit was crazy. I know, I’m a pussy right? Hey! I didn’t want broken ribs that night lol! So, your favorite local band has played and you still have 2 more bands on the bill.. Do you stay or do you go? I think we all know what the correct answer is, right?! You stay for the last two bands on the bill! You never leave! I just hate when you go to a show and you only stay for the one act and bounce, and this brings me to the reason I wrote this column. If you go to see a show and you already paid to get in why don’t you just stay for the rest of the show? The moral of the story is, local Cleveland bands don’t do this shit to get famous. They do it because they love it! They also do it because you follow them on Facebook, their website, Twitter or whatever else they use to get you involved.. Support the Cleveland Scene and get out and see a show… “THE WHOLE SHOW”!

Now this brings me to fans of local bands. Now, I’m not saying everyone is like this and I don’t need to hear some drawn out email with stats and pie charts to call me a asshole. I’m just saying, when you tell a band either on Facebook, Twitter or via some other means of communication that you’re coming to the show, do it! I get so many request to come to shows on Facebook it would make your head spin. I either press the “I’m going” button or the “I’m not going” button. I know some of you think it’s ok to press the “I’m going” button because “they won’t know that I wasn’t at the show”, and you would be wrong in your thinking. The band uses that invite to gauge how many people they THINK will be at the show. The invite is not an end all be all but it’s a tool to help the band. The worst thing you can do to a band is say you’re going to a show and you don’t. Just be honest with them tell them, “Hey, maybe next time!” or just that you can’t. They will respect you more in the long run.

I know some of the local Cleveland bands are reading this and saying, “Hey! Wait a minute! We have the best fans in the world!” I’m not saying all bands have this problem but some do and this is not good for the Cleveland music scene. I’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and some of them have said the scene is better and some have said it’s the worse they have ever seen.

Why do you think I created Msc Radio Network? I created Msc because I care for the local music scene and I want to see it grow. I’ve met a lot of cool people in the past 6 years and prior of doing the internet radio gig I went to shows and supported the local music, and this is why I want you to spread the word about the great scene we have.

In my next column I will continue on about the clubs here in town and how they need to help the local bands instead of worrying about how many people they can bring.

We live in a world of technology but we don’t know how to use it. Instead of posting cute little puppies on your facebook wall, post the next gig to your favorite local band and support them


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